Sweeney Capital Partners is a boutique investment and trading company. We work to help the average everyday investor not only grow their capital but maximize that growth, in any market environment.

Many investors are struggling with the current market's unpredictability. Often, their portfolio is standing still or worse, steadily losing. Newer investors are unsure of how and where to put their money, in order to find the best return.

That's where we can help

At SCP we move past all of those variables and specialize in a focused and active trading system which has shown consistent gains, no matter what the stock market is doing. This approach also generates income much faster than traditional "buy and hold" strategies that may take years before yielding substantial returns.

With an average trade win rate over 80%, clients can see regular gains from their investment. In fact, this trading approach is so reliable one of the mentors I learned from has been using it for the last 20 years, without a single losing year.

Through Sweeney Capital Partners, Ltd. we offer the opportunity for you to benefit from this trading strategy, without the need to learn it and daily watch the market yourself.

About us

We are a family-owned private investment fund, partnering with select families and individuals. Our investor relationships are built on trust and we value a high standard of professionalism.

Our family lives overseas and we home-educate through travel (world schooling). Because of this lifestyle, we operate remotely, yet can serve clients from around the world. As we look forward to expansion, we decided to form an international business company (IBC) registered in Dubai, UAE.

Profile pictureMike Sweeney is the managing director at SCP. He spent 15 years in the US banking and financial services sector, at institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank. He has been actively trading in the stock market for the last 7 years.

Strategy and Risks



For decades, the world's best hedge fund managers and other professional investors have used an advanced method of trading in the stock market, resulting in gains far better than the average retail investor's return. Until recently, this trading system was not available to anyone outside of professional & institutional investor circles.

However, according to one veteran trader, this is "perhaps the single best income-generating strategy ever created in the history of the stock market." This is the very same approach we use.

The technique involves simultaneously buying and selling carefully calculated spreads on the S&P 500. But more than just trading the index itself, we trade options on the S&P. And that's the key. Trading options "supercharges" your returns. Done the right way, options are actually less risky than buying and holding.

This is not a "buy-and-hold-hope-for-the-best" strategy. Instead, it's a high volume, high win rate, income generation approach. And, we make it work for you each day the market is open.


As with any type of investing or trading, there is always risk involved and there will be some losses. But because we define our risk ahead of time, those losses are limited. When taken as a whole, the over 80% win rate helps mitigate any losses.

If you want us to trade for you with less than the recommended minimum of $20-25k*, it will be hard to absorb occasional short-term losses. These short-term losses could be a weekly loss, a monthly loss, or in rare cases there could be consecutive months of losses.

But these short-term losses will be offset by other periods with larger gains. We're going for averages here, and based on this system's battle-tested track record, in the end you will see overall gains.

The goal of this system is to maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk, while ultimately winning in any market environment.

* If you don't have the recommended $20k minimum, it doesn't mean we cannot trade for you. If, for example, you only have $5,000 to invest, then we would seek to pair you up with 3 others who also want to invest $5,000, until we reached the minimum $20k increment. Then the gains would be divided equally among those contributors, less taxes and commission. The same could be done with 2 investors who only have $10k each to invest.


Weekly trades

Here is a snapshot of trading results from October 2022 through the end of July 2023.

Month Trades Wins Profit/Loss
on 1 Contract
Oct 2022 27 21 $555.00
Nov 2022 37 31 $3,791.00
Dec 2022 11 11 $2,455.00
Jan 2023 40 29 -$850.00
Feb 2023 50 41 $2,225.00
Mar 2023 74 59 $4,019.00
Apr 2023 34 30 $3,601.00
May 2023 33 27 $1,186.00
Jun 2023 35 27 $3,269.00
Jul 2023 14 14 $2,580.00
Totals 355 290 $22,831.00
Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
These figures do not reflect taxes and our commission.

As you can see,

  • This trading system has seen an 83.07% trade win rate (about 8 out of 10 trades) in just in the last 9 months alone
  • The rate of return on capital in this period, even with losses factored in, has been 101.26%
  • For someone starting with $20k in capital, the gross gain on just 1 contract would have been $20,251.00 (before taxes and commission)

By comparison

Contrast the above results against simply buying and holding the S&P 500. Since adopting 500 stocks into the index, from 1957 through 2022, the average annualized return has only been 10.15%.

Now consider traditional day trading. According to Investopedia, "The success rate for making money from day trading is actually quite low... only about 5-20% of day traders consistently make money. That means up to 95% of people fail and lose money by day trading." This high loss rate takes an emotional toll on the trader, can negatively affect their decision-making, and directly impacts his or her brokerage account.

However, the well-established strategy we use takes almost all of the emotion out of it. And, because of the high win rate — which is less aggressive than traditional day trading, but more aggressive than buy-and-hold investing — the more trades we do for you, the better your gains, even with occasional losses factored in.

Growth potential

When it comes to trading options, there is no limit to how many contracts we can trade for you, as long as you have the appropriate balance for it.

And that's the real beauty of this type of trading. If you have the balance available, we can trade as many contracts as you want and rapidly increase your gains and income.

Having $20k is the necessary minimum to be able to trade 1 contract (100 shares). $40k is what is needed to be able to trade 2 contracts. $60k is needed to be able to trade 3 contracts, and so on.

Here are the same results as above, but showing the growth potential of trading multiple contracts.

Month 1 Contract 2 Contracts 5 Contracts 10 Contracts
Oct 2022 $555.00 $1,110.00 $2.775.00 $5,555.00
Nov 2022 $3,791.00 $7,582.00 $18,955.00 $37,910.00
Dec 2022 $2,455.00 $4,910.00 $12,275.00 $24,550.00
Jan 2023 -$850.00 -$1,700.00 -$4,250.00 -$8,500.00
Feb 2023 $2,225.00 $4,450.00 $11,125.00 $22,250.00
Mar 2023 $4,019.00 $8,038.00 $20,095.00 $40,190.00
Apr 2023 $3,601.00 $7,202.00 $18,005.00 $36,010.00
May 2023 $1,186.00 $2,372.00 $5,930.00 $11,860.00
Jun 2023 $3,269.00 $6,538.00 $16,345.00 $32,690.00
Jul 2023 $2,580.00 $5,160.00 $12,900.00 $25,800.00
$20,251.00 $40,502.00 $101,255.00 $202,510.00
Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
These figures do not reflect taxes and our commission.


Trading desk

Our service model is very simple. You provide the capital base and we put in the time each day to monitor the market, analyze potential setups, and execute trades on your behalf. Then, we simply split the profits 50/50 after taxes, with no additional fees.

To more clearly show what your net gain would have been using our approach, here is a revised chart showing the 50/50 profit split:

Month Profit/Loss
on 1 Contract
50/50 Profit Split
Oct 2022 $555.00 $277.50
Nov 2022 $3,791.00 $1,895.50
Dec 2022 $2,455.00 $1,227.50
Jan 2023 -$850.00 N/A
Feb 2023 $2,225.00 $1,112.50
Mar 2023 $4,019.00 $2,009.50
Apr 2023 $3,601.00 $1,800.50
May 2023 $1,186.00 $593.00
Jun 2023 $3,269.00 $1,634.50
Jul 2023 $2,580.00 $1,290.00
Totals $20,251.00 $10,125.50
Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
These figures do not reflect taxes.

As you can see, results from October 2022 – July 2023 produced a very good return without any extra work on your part. The goal is simply to use your investment as a base to trade with each day and to steadily grow it for you, faster than what more traditional approaches currently offer.

And, unlike other forms of investing, with our service there's absolutely no obligation to lock up your capital for any amount of time. If you come upon an urgent need and require it back, it will be returned to you in a week or less.



Thank you for your interest in our investment and trading service.

Joining SCP is simple. After expressing your interest, we'll send you some key information to review, followed by a phone call to discuss your involvement and answer any questions you may have. If we both agree to proceed, we'll help you get started as soon as you'd like.

We look forward to serving you.

Note: Due to time zone differences, please text or leave a message so we can return your call at a mutually agreeable time. Email will be answered within 1-2 business days.